Shield API

Your solution for protected Web3 operations

Scam protection

Transaction scanning

With the Shield API, all transactions are simulated and validated to detect and flag fraudulent activity.

Domain scanning

When a user connects to a third-party application, a domain scan is activated, warning the user of a potential threat.

Malicious token detection

All token and wallet addresses are checked. Scam tokens masquerading as legitimate ones are instantly detected and marked.

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Round-the-clock AML screening

All addresses interacting with your application undergo 24/7 screening for ties to sanctions, terrorist financing, hacked or stolen funds, ransomware, human trafficking and more. Suspicious addresses are immediately blocked.

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Where can the Shield API be integrated?

Why use the Shield API?

All-in-one solution

One universal endpoint comprehensively covering a range of needs for user security and AML compliance.

Multiple networks support

All major blockchain networks (such as Ethereum, BNB and Polygon), as well as Ethereum Layer 2 networks, are supported by the Shield API.

Powered by top industry leaders

The Shield API is provided by the industry's top cybersecurity experts, proven effective over many years.

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