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Why use Fusion API?

Gasless transactions

Fusion transactions are “gasless”, meaning that users don't have to worry about having networks’ native coins (ETH, BNB etc.) on their balance.

All market liquidity in one place

Seamless order matching with liquidity from across the entire crypto market — CEXes, DEXes, DEX aggregators, PMMs and resolvers’ own liquidity.

MEV Protection

Fusion users are protected from any kind of MEV by the most advanced measures taken by professional market makers.

Smart order execution

Fusion orders are executed using the descending price curve and Dutch auction approach, which allows for more efficiency and flexibility, compared to regular swaps or limit orders.

Price and time ranges

Pre-setting price and time ranges for swap orders is beneficial for both makers and takers.

Fast response time

The Fusion API offers users a response time of below 400 ms, which is one of the best offerings on the market.

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