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A versatile SaaS cloud platform

Powered by the 1inch Labs, the 1inch Developer Portal is a Web3 cloud SaaS (software as a service) platform offering multiple software services.

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Access dashboards featuring advanced request stats, manage and rotate API keys and stay up-to-date with recent product updates.


Enhance your DeFi journey by combining various 1inch APIs and 1inch smart contracts.

The 1inch Spot Price API, the 1inch Balance API and others provide you with building blocks to create fully functional dApps and wallets. These tools enable you to seamlessly integrate a plethora of DeFi services, like real-time pricing, limit orders and portfolio overview, into your apps. Harness the versatility of the 1inch Developer Portal to build reliable and efficient solutions, catering to all of your users' needs and delivering an unparalleled decentralized finance experience.

Swap API

Make the most efficient self-custody swaps in major DeFi ecosystems

Spot Price API

Get price data for a specific token in a specific chain's native currency

Balance API

Receive accurate information on balances and allowances for crypto wallets

Token API

Search for information on any tokens by name, address or symbol

Transaction Gateway API

Broadcast any transaction to the blockchain in either public or private mode

Orderbook API

Place and access swap orders in an order book

Fusion API

Create and submit orders using 1inch’s Fusion mode


Get expanded data on users’ NFT

Traces API

Get well-organized and detailed transaction data with extremely low latency

Portfolio API

Access accurate historical data across several major networks

History API

Well-organized and detailed transaction data for blockchain addresses

Gas Price API

Up-to-date gas price data on various blockchains

Shield API

Your solution for protected Web3 operations


Access trustworthy RPC endpoints

Why use 1inch API?

Largest liquidity depth

The 1inch Aggregation Protocol facilitates price transparency and access to practically unlimited liquidity on multiple blockchain networks and beyond.

Best swap rates

The Pathfinder algorithm discovers the most efficient paths for token swaps, enabling splits between different protocols and gas optimization to ensure the best possible exchange rates.

Shortest response time

The 1inch API offers users a response time of below 400 ms, which is one of the best offerings on the market.

Lowest fees

Thanks to innovative gas optimization features, users can substantially save on gas.

Enterprise API

A dedicated end point for guaranteed best performance.


The 1inch APIs provide aggregated market data for self-custodial order executions

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